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ISUPK is a 501 (c) 3, faith-based, community organization that explores the biblical history of the King James Version of the bible to respond to the plaques on poverty-stricken Urban America through spiritual support to substance abusers; sexually & mentally abused individuals; and single-family and married couples.

ISUPK believes that by bridging the bible knowledge of the past to the present, we can advance the spirit, up-lift the mental and physical strength of low-income, poverty-stricken single-parents; drug addicts; and victims of molestation to become stable and non-government dependent persons. 


  1. ISUPK believes that comprehensive, biblical teaching is a life-long, spiritual commitment that will provide an avenue for onesbetter growth to their fullest potential.
  2. ISUPK believes that urban America deserves to be able to develop their selves mentally and physically in an environment catered to their un-met needs in their community.
  3. ISUPK believes that biblical teaching and hard work is directly connected to the health of the community in urban America.
  4. ISUPK believes in assuming the responsibility to ensure that the opportunities and services available to urban Americans are utilized.
  5. ISUPK believes that biblical teaching, learning and growth involves parents, children, and the community of urban America.


ISUPK began to establish a name for it self in December 2006, incorporated in February 2007, and received its tax-exempt status in May 2008.

Only the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge has the understanding in truth, using the "King James" version of the bible, to awaken the lives of urban America, where hunger; drug addiction; and single-parenting (to name a few) plaque the urban streets and homes of America.

Lives of brothers and sisters that were once addicted to drugs, homeless, prostitution, and drug dealing have been turned around through the messages delivered by the ISUPK from GOD in ways to end these plagues on urban America. Nowhere can you or will you be able to find this no-nonsense, strict living, life-saving and changing information of fellowship and biblical teaching besides the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge.

ISUPK members discover a sober-free, strong family unit and less dependency living approach to life, while being spiritually aware, through the process of learning who they are through biblical history. They gain the independence from the system to direct themselves to depend on spiritual guidance from GOD and promote GOD's mission through the ISUPK as their very lives mirror what they uphold. 


ISUPK show, "Let a Hebrew Speak" was created to provide urban America spiritual support and can be regionally viewed:

Washington, DC DCTV Comcast 96 or

RCN 11

10pm Tuesday
Baltimore, MD BPAC 75 10pm




Rockville, MD MCT-TV 19 11pm Thursday
Manhattan, NY MNN 57 (every other week) 7pm Sunday


ISUPK is responding to the challenge of the plaque on urban America by building and changing lives through generating biblical knowledge to spiritually, physically and mentally support sober decisions that enable sustainable lives that are poverty-stricken. Through a framework of regional location centers and classes, ISUPK : 


-Single-parent and family


-Molestation (recovery & prevention)

-Interpersonal development

> To receive spiritual support, contact the organization via phone, email &/or in-person and ask for spiritual support. The spiritual support is conducted by male members of the organization during the time of request. Support can be done in a combination of phone, email, in-person contact. Regardless of where the person(s) live & income; they can receive spiritual support.

>In order to receive continuous spiritual support, there must be a serious commitment involvement in the growth process on behalf of the individual. There are no charges or fees however donations are accepted.

-Various regional on-site centers

> ISUPK biblical classes are held via Internet, Monday's 7pm ; and regional on-site centers in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday's .

>ISUPK share their biblical knowledge on the urban streets of Washington, DC ( Friday's at 3pm; H & 7 th St. NW ) and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ( Saturday's at 3pm; Market St .).

>Hebrew Academy is an intensive, five-month physical fitness and spiritual biblical training for men during the Months of :October - March.

for further information, Please contact:

Executive Director of Programs

Holly Sawyer


Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge (Headquarters)
41 Garrett rd,   Upper Darby, PA 19082 2nd fl
Phone: 215-377-1460 




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